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Shopify B2B Features for Retaining Old and Acquiring New Customers

Already on Shopify Plus? Read and discover the best Shopify B2B features for retaining old and acquiring new customers!


Whatever industry or niche you serve, business-to-business or B2B represents a huge untapped opportunity. It is your time to be successful and run a prosperous business.

If you are already operating on a B2B ecommerce solution, however, you haven’t yet optimized the customer journey, the opportunity is even more profitable.

The B2B deals are more complicated than B2C transactions. The length of the sales cycle is longer, the decision-maker is larger, and the stakes are higher.

But, if you are already on Shopify Plus, you have nothing to worry about as Shopify B2B ecommerce solution is the best option on the market.

In this article, we will present to you the best featuresB2B offers for retailing old and acquiring new customers.

The Shopify Plus wholesale solution comes with password-protected storefronts, minimum and maximum orders, fully customizable price lists, third-party platform integrations, flexible payment and negotiation options for customers, and much more. And now, let’s see the features:

  • Mobile-Responsive & Customizable Storefront: Your mobile presence must meet the expectations of your customers and their ecommerce experiences. If you are setting up a new online store, your provider should be able to make pricing uploads and bulk product.
  • Self-Service Reordering: Make sure your customers can place their orders and manage them at your ecommerce site with features like reordering, order history, order tracking portal, and etc.
  • Low Maintenance: Today, simplicity, clearness, and agility are more important than ever. You need to focus on your business and grow a customer base, as well as, an average order value.
  • Supplier-Agnostic Content: You can start by creating a customer journey and map out the information gaps that require your expertise, insight, and opinions.
  • Online Account Sign Up: Every B2B ecommerce customer shops at consumer websites. You should allow your visitors to quickly create the B2B accounts and access their products and pricing tiers.
  • Sync with Existing Admin: Synchronization is absolutely necessary for B2B businesses. Shopify B2B ecommerce solution allows you to easily pull customer data and make it quickly accessible to your marketing team. Isn’t this great?


B2B ecommerce doesn’t have to be hard or complicated. There are plenty of features, apps, and integrations that can make the process of running your B2B online store pleasant.